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Enviromental Policy


The active contribution in protecting our environment for a better planet is our duty and a matter of social responsibility. The Best Western Zante Park Hotelcomplex, values environmental sustainability and is committed to implementing simple practices which aim at minimizing the impact of our activities and improving the hotels environmental performance by reducing energy losses and waste, as well as saving water resources and preserving the region’s natural habitat.
Our efforts aim at promoting activities which combine quality of service and customer satisfaction with environmental protection and awareness. All policies and procedures are implemented and reviewed regularly, in order to create an eco friendly environment. 

This is mainly achieved by:
  • Measures focusing on saving energy and water resources.
  • Waste management through extensive recycling.
  • Staff training and awareness for active participation in the environmental management system.
  • Guest awareness and encouragement regarding the environmental activities of the Hotel.
  • Cooperation with “Archelon”, a Greek society committed to the protection of the endangered sea turtle Caretta-Caretta so as to ensure that the breeding process is safely continued on the nesting beaches of Zakynthos.
The Best Western Zante Park Hotel complex is proud to have been awarded for the third consecutive year the Green Key International Eco-Label Quality Award, an international program that acts as a stimulus to convert tourist enterprises and facilities to "green" operations by adopting environmental friendly practices.


Member of SETE, HYTA, The Green Key - For you travel, let us take care of you XT Travel Services
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